Spending the Day as a CEO

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to become CEO for one day? Running the day to day of a global company requires much more time and devotion than you might have considered. We spoke with Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, a feature of Business Insider magazine to get a firsthand look into what being a CEO is all about. We found out it's much more than even we bargained for! Here's what Mark had to say:
A CEO Must be Passionate about People
First and foremost, from the second Hurd wakes up, his day consists of communicating with people. From managing relationships internally, to keeping up investor relations, a successful CEO has to be great at keeping up relationships. As CEO, it can be all to easy to be too consumed with growing your business, that you don't make time for people, but maintaining great relationships is what separates a good CEO from a great CEO. The only way to really be in control of your company is to be on the front lines every day, experiencing it firsthand. This is also why it's so important to be a great leader. If you want to be a great CEO, you have to be willing to work long hours, be extremely devoted to your craft, and above all else, be passionate about people.
A CEO Must Constantly Strategize
Along with interacting with people, successful CEOs are great at managing profitable strategies. When you're the CEO of a global company, you don't have the comfort of putting out fires as they happen. Even the smallest issue can be a huge problem to your bottom line. This is why a successful CEO spends a great deal of time evaluating internal processes and foreseeing possible issues so they can get them straightened out before they happen. A successful CEO will spend countless hours meeting with both upper and lower level employees getting the firsthand scoop and strategizing.  The most successful companies are ones that are constantly analyzing strategies and making adjustments accordingly. You can also learn more about Mark Hurd by checking out the post at http://money.cnn.com/gallery/news/companies/2016/05/27/top-paid-ceos/4.html.
A CEO Spends A Lot of Time Traveling
Along with managing these relationships internally, a huge part of being a CEO is keeping up relationships with people outside of your immediate area. The simple fact is: the only way to grow your business is get out into the world and meet people. From spending quality time with investors, to showcasing your product to potential customers, a great CEO travels the world and seeks out those people. This is also why a CEO must, first and foremost be a great salesman. Even as a senior level executive, you never stop selling your product.
It's not hard to see that there's much more to being a great CEO than you might think.