What is a CEO's Day Like?

How do the CEOs of major companies spend their time? The question is asked and lot, and it is not easy to give a simple answer to it. CEOs spend their time doing whatever business their company needs most at that moment. While this most often requires them to meet with top level clients and employees, they must also dedicate a large portion of their lives to smaller tasks that are essential for the daily management of the business. This article will explain the daily routine that the majority of CEOs describe.
A lot of people assume that CEOs put most of their work off on others and then spent their days leisurely shopping or golfing. This is the CEO from OpenWorld that people see on their televisions and in movies. While such a story makes for a stereotypical character, it is actually quite far from the truth. CEOs must dedicate nearly every waking moment of their tenure as CEO to the quest of furthering the business that they run.
Sure, CEOs do actually have assistants. In fact, they usually have several. Their assistants organize the CEO's schedule and prepare documents for meetings. They also do research, make telephone calls, and attend certain meetings on behalf of the CEO. But that does not mean that they do all of the CEO's work. What it really means is that most CEOs have so much work to do that they have enough to delegate to several other people. The tasks they delegate are essential, but are not ones that must specifically done by the CEO of that particular company. For more facts and information about Mark Hurd, you can go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWE_CVTJ2Wg.
There are certain tasks that the CEOs must do themselves. For example, top clients expect to meet with CEOs, not department supervisors. The same is also true for new clients or other businesses that have important relationships with the company. Plus, whenever lower employees have important news to relay to the CEO, a meeting must take place.
When a CEO is not in a physical meeting, he or she is making phone calls and answering emails in order to plan and arrange more meetings. Some CEOs claim to answer several hundred emails per day. That means that they pretty much have to answer emails nonstop throughout the day. The daily routine of a CEO is clearly quite busy and labor-intensive. However, even though their lives are dedicated to their companies, the people who achieve the status of CEO are quite happy to be there, spent the day following Mark Hurd.